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The Tracy Sytem of Kenpo
P. O. Box 24060
Lexington, Ky 40524


e-mail    patkenpo@aol.com

Phone Mark Tracy at

for: "T' shirts, sweats, Hoddies, belts

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Trouble in River City

After using Godaddy as my web provied for over 10 years and spending thousands of dollar.  I got a notice the are no longer suppportimg Front Page. Not only are they not supporting Frant Page there is nothing I can do to even get into My own site. When I called and yelled and screamed and cancelled all my acconts. ... Their reply - To Bad!  Frontpage no lonerg exist I was told because MS no longer supports it.

The Bottom line: You can still get into my old site: tracyskarate.com. I recommend you down load and print out a lot of importan history information.

We need immediate help from all Hall of Fame members who have not recived there Mounted Plaques. Another problem we had with our site going down we lost a lot of Hall of fame Info. Plese E-mail Pat letting her know - 1. You did not get you Plaque. 2. Your Name (as you want it on the Plaque)  3. And a current Mailing addres so  Pat can get your Plaque out to you.